Here we give you some tips so that your trip to the San Blas Islands is pleasant.

Please keep this information in mind so that you don't have any surprises when the time comes for your trip to the San Blas Islands.

Transportation and Food

They must be in the indicated place and at the indicated time (30 minutes before) by us. If you do not show up on time you risk losing your trip for which we will not make refunds.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you inform us in advance about your possible food allergies, or special dietary requirements.
In our overnight package we include lunch
In our stays we include all meals starting with lunch on the first day and ending with lunch on the last day.

Identification and Money

Police authorities require identification (identity card or passport). It is the visitor's responsibility to carry their identification or passport at all times.
In the islands of San Blas no traveler's check or credit card is accepted, therefore, all extra consumption or extra days in the cabin must be paid in cash.

The programs or tours may vary according to the weather.

The weather in the San Blas Islands can be unpredictable at times so in the event of a storm or other similar event, trips may be postponed or canceled at the last minute. Please note that we have no control over this. We want your trip to the San Blas Islands to be as pleasant as possible.

Baggage and Photo Rules

It is recommended to bring personal hygiene items, towels, sunburn cream, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, bathing suit, hats, flashlight and your snorkeling equipment. As well as bottled water and snacks for your personal consumption.
Please DO NOT photograph the locals directly. You should always ask for the permission of the person you want to photograph.