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Mola Nega

We are a 100% Kuna company dedicated to excursions (tours) in the paradisiacal islands of San Blas, Panama; with the mission of providing personalized services with the greatest responsibility and human warmth, guaranteeing customer safety and satisfaction.

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We organize all the logistics from lodging to land and water transportation; thus providing tourists with the comfort and security they need in the Cartí sector (tourist area of the Kuna Yala region, Panama).

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Our company has fully equipped boats and cars for the safety of visitors and is made up of responsible, honest and punctual professionals in the attention of tourists.

Kuna Yala / Guna Yala / San Blas

Kuna Yala has approximately 365 islands, formed by an accumulation of coral, covered with palm trees that are found in indescribably clear waters, and with a humid tropical climate. The following activities can be carried out

  • Swimming
  • snorkeling
  • fishing
  • bonfire
  • volleyball
  • Kayak
  • get to know our ancient culture

The San Blas Islands were selected as one of the two “best cruise destinations in the world” by Cruising World magazine.

The San Blas Islands

The San Blas archipelago in the Republic of Panama, better known as the Kuna Yala region, is a necklace of coral islands where the Kuna ethnic group lives. This paradisiacal place has become one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in the region, as it offers two exceptional attractions: the Caribbean islands of spectacular tranquility and beauty, and visits to the communities to learn about our culture.

This culture that includes the knowledge and customs that have remained intact for centuries, its traditions and a way of life that surprises for being so different from the western one that offers the impression of having traveled to a paradise in time. For this reason, many agencies offer tours to the San Blas islands.

Get to know with Mola Nega the paradisiacal islands of San Blas with a bilingual guide with more than 10 years of experience. See options .

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What to expect from your trip to the San Blas Islands

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Come join us in our mission to support local guides and protect the environment.

Paradisiacal islands

Paradisiacal islands

San Blas has more than 365 islands. Some are so small that they have only one palm tree and have no owners or names.
Mola Nega offers you the best tours to San Blas

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

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